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composer songwriter singer. Incurable Romantic


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Portraits of Alessia

Photographer Claudio Beduschi – Make Up Artist Daniela Papini
During this photographic session, we have used a Colorama background (Granite 18) with two Bowens flash lights + two Bowens continuos lights for shadows. Classical focal lens from 50 to 85 mm with Canon 5D Mark III.
There are essentially four approaches that can be taken in photographic portraiture — the constructionist, environmental, candid, and creative approach. With Alessia each has been used.
Alessia came with a suitcase full of clothes (sweaters, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, shirts, everything!)!

Questi ritratti di Alessia Ramusino sono stati effettuati a Genova in occasione del lancio natalizio 2015 della canzone Gibigianna, che puoi ascoltare anche da questo link.

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