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On Stage, Concert in the Theatre

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On Stage

Alessia Ramusino presents in concert her album “I do not eat strawberries“, under exclusive licence to BMA Music (IT). The passion and the Mediterranean charm joined the class and elegance of jazz from overseas, coming into the music of Alessia.
Theatre La Claque in Agorà (Sant’Agostino, Piazza delle Erbe, Genova)

On Stage

I sketch in my mind some unknown shadows
They play my dreams, my melodies, my world
I barter my opinions with ‘but’ and ‘if’
I lose myself in labyrinthes of ‘whys’
you… I’m loosing you…

And still I… I ought to recognize…
that still I… I am so fragile…

I gather lots of steps and restlessness…
I suffer from sea-sickness, dizziness
What’s wrong with this?!

Shooting fotografico del concerto di Alessia nel teatro La Claque (Teatro della Tosse) di Genova.

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