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La Claque Backstage in Genoa

Posted by in on Nov 20, 2015 | 0 comments

La Claque Backstage in Genoa

Images of the backstage of a concert of Alessia in 2015, November. La Claque is a theatre in the historic centre of Genoa, close to the famous Piazza delle Erbe. One of the largest in Europe, Genoa’s historic centre unwinds in an intricate maze of alleyways (caruggi) that opens unexpectedly onto small squares; the soul of the city lives here in these alleyways, where smells, tastes, and cultures have combined throughout history.
The backstage photographic service started in the afternoon, along with musicians, sound engineers and lighting technicians. Listen to “Non Mangio Fragole

La Claque è un piccolo teatro nel centro storico di Genova, a pochi passi da Piazza delle Erbe.
Questo shooting racchiude il backstage dello spettacolo, la preparazione degli artisti prima del concerto.

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